My Online Asian Dating Journey Turns Into a Short Honeymoon

In my last post, I discussed how an old friend had introduced me to online Asian dating sites. I had registered at a website and made a connection with one of the many girls that I had corresponded with. We had made a connection and had moved from talking via emails to talking via chat also. I was surprised by a few things I had learned about online dating. First, I was amazed at how many girls were interested in me. And second, I was surprised at how rapidly I had met a girl that I considered to be special. asian webcam

In the first week, we exchanged emails daily. I was also corresponding with about ten other girls. But after a few messages, I had discovered things about all of these girls that ruled out a future relationship. At the same time, the one special girl that I connected with was becoming more interesting with each email. I made the decision to stop communicating with the other girls, and exclusively communicate with my special new friend from that point forward.

As I mentioned earlier, we had added chats to our method of communication. This was much quicker than an email and felt more like an interactive conversation. We chatted several times a day, when our schedule allowed. We had a lot in common and the list kept growing. I kept thinking to myself; Man, this was so easy. Why hadn’t someone introduced me to Asian dating websites earlier?

By the fourth week, I was starting to get emotionally attached to my special Asian girl. She was sweet, and had all the qualities of a girl that you would want to spend the rest of your life with. Around the end of the first month, I asked her if we could video chat. Sadly, she informed me that the internet cafe that she used did not offer webcams. You see, she did not have her own computer so she would go to a local internet cafe to chat with me and send emails. Although disappointed, I realized that not everybody in the world had their own computer.

By the end of the sixth week, I was smitten by my lady. She was sending pictures of herself almost daily. I saw her house and also some of her family and friends. I was sending similar pictures of my home and acquaintances back to her. Now I wondered what the next step would be. How long was I expected to wait before we would meet each other? The following day I asked her this question. She said that she was ready to meet me. But before I could tell her that I was going to plan a trip to see her, she told me that she wanted to come to me. That was perfect. She could see where I lived and the house that I hoped we would spend the rest of or lives in.

She had the next day off and so she went to her local travel agency to get the necessary information to obtain a visa. I was so excited. This was going so well. The next day we chatted and she told me all about the visa requirements. She had spent the entire day at the travel company. It seemed pretty standard, and the visa cost was $400. Since I did not know anything about obtaining a visa to travel to the United States, I figured I would do some online research. I found several companies within the US that would perform the same services. And their cost was about the same.

The following day, I told her about our options. I had found many travel companies in the US, but she really wanted to use her local travel service. It was the first time she was going to travel and it was exciting for her to be able to give this business to her friend’s business. I did not really care who helped us obtain her visa. So I asked her to send me the details of the travel company so I could arrange the payment. She quickly replied that it was easiest to simply wire the money to her. I told her that it would be easier for me if I could just pay the travel agent directly, since I would be able to use my credit card.

I didn’t want to wait another day, so I asked her for their address and I would simply Google the contact information. She told me she did not know their address. I was a bit confused by this since she had spent the entire previous day there. Then I asked her for the phone number of the company. She did not know it the phone number either. Next, I asked her about the name of the company, she did not know it. This was not making any sense.