Melanie Slade – The Latest “Footballer’s Wife”

Melanie Slade is the sweetheart of Arsenal footballer Theo Walcott and the most recent expansion to the genuine “Footballer’s Wives” stable. She initially met the England crew part outside the shop where she worked at West Quay shopping center in Southampton. Melanie was outside with a bushel in her grasp when Walcott’s companion declared “the crate is for telephone numbers”.
Saucy Theo wrote hisแทงบอลอาชีพ portable number on a piece of paper and threw it into Mels bushel and his companion did likewise. The sentiment had started and Melanie Slade and Theo Walcott have been a thing from that point forward.
Walcott said they are not a run of the mill “footballer couple” and would not let the media consideration influence them. He stated: “We haven’t been to any footballer parties whatsoever. We’re not individuals who like to party.”
Walcott has told the media he and Melanie made a wager with respect to who could finish their driving assessment first and Melanie won, as Theo bombed his first test and Melanie passed hers at the first run through of inquiring.
There were no worries on losing the wager and Theo burned through £20,000 on a white VW Beetle for Melanie, tenderly referred to by as the ‘Adoration Bug’. Theo even enrolled the private number plate T4M representing ‘Theo for Melanie’ for his better half.
Melanie shot into the media spotlight when 17-year-former sweetheart Theo turned into a stun determination for England’s 2006 FIFA World Cup crew despite the fact that he had not included in club Arsenal’s Premiership battle and administrator Sven Goran-Eriksson hadn’t seen him play.
Melanie has since become a firm newspaper most loved and there was little amazement when in May, a main UK newspaper paper supposedly offered her £160,000 for a topless photograph shoot. She acknowledged the offer and seemed topless in the paper despite the fact that she preserved her humility by concealing with her hands.
She is utilizing her newly discovered status to help the 2006 Race for Life occasion sorted out by Cancer Research UK however has additionally requested security while she modifies for her tests.
Melanie is additionally the little girl of a now locally popular man. Her dad, John Slade, as of late turned into the 784th chairman of Southampton at a service at the city’s Guild Hall.However, she missed the function as she had streamed off to Portugal to join Theo’s World Cup arrangements.
Melanie has expressed she won’t settle on any further choices about the different media offers she has gotten until after the World Cup, despite the fact that she could be a perpetual installation in print and on screen throughout the following a