Good News Or Bad News – And The Difference Is?

Before gazing my talking and preparing vocation I was a public team lead for a global association. Long story however the short side is I had an issue with my chief, the president and accordingly he terminated me. Terrible news, correct? Well that was everything I required to conclude the time had come to start a vocation that has endured more than 40 years and has permitted me to see the world (25 nations to date) and work with some colossal customers and crowds. So at long last this terrible news was truly uplifting news.

Here’s another brisk one. 

A long time back I proposed to my better half and she said yes. Uplifting news right? (No decisions here please).  ข่าวไอทีใหม่ๆ  Well after some time subsequent to giving a valiant effort for over fifteen years I concluded that the time had come to end it and why? All things considered, without the grisly subtleties, the relationship was slowly dissolving my confidence, certainty and hopeful outlook and I concluded that I didn’t care for who I was turning out to be in that relationship. We separated, agreeably – however we separated. Uplifting news as I was capable – after some time – to recover all I had lost – sincerely and profoundly.

We as a whole have our accounts and we as a whole can make arrangements of uplifting news and awful news we have gotten yet at long last’s everything just news.

During a portion of my corporate projects I share this basic idea – quit approaching your workers for uplifting news or terrible news – simply approach them for the news and afterward you choose which it is. Since their definition could be totally not the same as yours.

What’s more, the other way around – as a leader or supervisor don’t communicate – I have some fortunate or unfortunate news – simply tell your workers you are very brave and let every one of them decipher it as they see fit dependent on their own perspectives, mentalities, attitudes, experience, desires and how it may affect them actually.

I need to make it clear here that I’m not discussing refusal, give up, acknowledgment or indifference – simply the eagerness to see that there might be another side of the story, one you might be absent on account of your history, perspectives, sentiments, decisions and so on.