College Football Notebook (11/18)

I don’t know when or where the expression “second-guessers” began yet it can absolutely be very much applied in the realm of legislative issues and sports. I wouldn’t set out offer any political suppositions as I wouldn’t have any desire to irritate our President, who is having enough issues nowadays attempting persuade us that he KNEW andไพ่ป๊อกเด้ง KNOWS, precisely what he’s doing. In any case, with regards to the world games, I’m just getting started.

For this situation, how about we talk school football. There are just three Saturdays left in the 2005 school football season and everybody is holding their aggregate breath, petitioning God for a confrontation among USC and Texas in the Rose Bowl on January 4. Unmistakably, if the two schools win-out, the matchup is set. In any case, on the off chance that one loses, who realizes what will occur?

I bring this up now on the grounds that not surprisingly, everybody appears to yearly whine about the BCS. At any rate that is, since its commencement in 1998. Before that, albeit many have apparently overlooked, there were a lot of blemishes in the manner school football picked its public boss. The straightforward truth at that point and now is that OPINION not PERFORMANCE, has chosen numerous a public boss throughout the long term.

In the event that USC and Texas finish unbeaten, those two schools will be the main two unbeaten groups in the country and either will have been positioned possibly a couple for the whole year. It’s uncommon when the ordinary season closes with such an obvious picture.

In 1998, the primary year of the BCS, the last Saturday saw three significant unbeatens playing, Kansas St, Tennessee and UCLA. Just Tennessee won and normally guaranteed one of the two spots in the BCS’ first public title game. Nonetheless, there were four genuine decisions for its adversary. Florida St, Kansas St, Ohio St and UCLA all had one misfortune. Florida St was picked (many felt that Ohio St was the most ideal decision) and the first BCS title game was an inadequately played and exhausting 23-16 Tennessee win.

The next year there was little debate, as Florida St opened as the country’s No. 1 group in the preseason and remained at No. 1 all year. An undefeated Michael Vick-drove Va Tech group was the country’s second-positioned group and was the conspicuous and obvious rival in the title game. Many said the BCS hit the nail on the head that year. The BCS didn’t do anything RIGHT that year, it was a NO-BRAINER! Notwithstanding, it’s my conflict, that it isn’t the BCS’ issue. For whatever length of time that there is no season finisher, any framework utilized is helpless before a year in which there is no obvious No. 1 and No. 2 group to browse.

Proceeding wth my short history exercise. Oklahoma was 12-0 of every 2000 except Florida St, Miami and Washington all got done with one misfortune. That year, Miami had beaten Fla St yet lost to Washington. Who do you pick? The decision was Florida State and what came about was a ‘terrible’ 13-2 Oklahoma win, leaving Miami and Washington supporters asserting they were ‘ransacked’.

In 2001 it got extremely appalling, as the decision to play undefeated and No. 1 Miami was Nebraska. Nebraska got beat in its last standard season game by Colorado 62-36 and didn’t play in the Big-12 title game. At the point when Miami ‘played’ with Nebraska in the Rose Bowl that year (37-14), the mayhem was quite boisterous that No .2 Oregon (in the two surveys) ought to have been Miami’s adversary. Notwithstanding, overlooked in the entirety of this is the reality the mainstream decision to confront Miami in the title game was Colorado not Oregon, which proceeded to beat the Buffaloes 38-16 in the Fiesta Bowl.


It was a simple decision again in 2002, as Miami was undefeated and the guarding champs. The main group left ‘remaining’ after the ordinary season to restrict them was Ohio St. The Buckeyes, twofold digit dark horses, proceeded to beat Miami 31-24 in that year’s title game. Isn’t it fascinating how things turn out when RESULTS check more than OPINION!

The most recent two years have seen more contention. USC was No. 1 in both the AP and Coaches’ survey in 2003 however was kept separate from the title game which included LSU and Oklahoma. A year ago, in spite of the fact that USC and Oklahoma were positioned No. 1 and No. 2 all year, Auburn additionally completed its season undefeated and when USC dealt with Oklahoma so effectively in the title game (55-19), it was quite reasonable to think about whether Auburn wouldn’t have been the better decision?

Which takes me back to where I began. With only a solitary game to decide the public title and notwithstanding an obvious No. 1 and No. 2 before the determination cycle (like 1999, 2002 and perhaps 2005), in what capacity can any framework which utilizes supposition and PC rankings be relied upon to hit the nail on the head.

Concerning some “re-thinking” of my own, let me remind everybody that after the 2003 catastrophe with USC, the ‘cry’ was that more accentuation should have been put on the “human” surveys (AP and Coaches’). While the AP dropped out of the BCS